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It has been a while since my last post, and a lot has happened! I am now working at WYSO full time through the end of June for co-op. The move to the new, above ground building is in its final stages. I really can’t get over how nice it is. If you have yet to see the new space, you should definitely come by to the open house in June.

In other exciting news, the Localore project is starting up. Localore is a project focussed on experimenting and inventing new ways to find and tell stories, discovering fresh models blending old and new media, and forging new pathways between stations and their local communities. WYSO got a grant to partner with local documentary film makers Julia Reichart and Steven Bognar and were one of the ten teams chosen around the nation to be a part of Localore. We will be working together to bring you stories about reinvention after the recession in the Dayton area. They will be teaching us about storytelling through film while we teach them about storytelling through sound. I feel extremely lucky to be a part of this project. Another Antioch student and Miller Fellow , Zeb Reichart (no relation to Julia), will also be working with Steven and Julia. I’ll be writing a lot about this experience over the next few months, so stay tuned. 

Things are moving along with the Community Voices training. My story idea has changed quite a bit since I last wrote about it. Originally, I was going to do a story about refugees in Dayton. I narrowed that idea down through some research when I found out about the East End Community Center and their mission to end generational poverty in east Dayton neighborhoods. I wanted to spend some time down there and find out how people had been impacted by the work of this organization. After some consideration though, I decided to do a story that was more local since I don’t have a car. Telling stories like these is also something that I wanted to save for a later date when I have more experience. So I switched gears a bit and now I am doing a story on local brewers Shane and Jacqui Creepingbear. They are starting up their own brewing business in Yellow Springs, Vitruvian Brew Company. I’ve been learning a lot about everything it takes to produce your own radio story. More on that later! 

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